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Giant / Garden Games
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We supply a comprehensive range of garden games and giant versions of your favourite games

Jenga Rings, Bagatelle
Giant Jenga Remove bricks in turn and place them on top until it all falls down. Bagatelle Rings - Throw the rope rings onto a peg to score.

Bagatelle - Giant version of the traditional game, propel large marbles up the board to rest in the scoring areas.

Mega Connect 4 Kerplunk
Mega Connect 4 Place discs into frame to make a straight line of 4 before your opponent. Giant Kerplunk Take it in turns to remove the 6ft sticks taking care not to dislodge the balls.

Chess Draughts
Giant Chess Largest Chess set available. Giant Draughts Big Draughts Game.

Bar Skittles, Giant Darts
Shove Ha'penny
Garden Darts
Bar Skittles Bar Skittles - 8ft chain and full size skittles makes for a dramatic game.

Giant Darts - Giant board with standrad darts

Shove Ha'penny - similar game to the traditional size. 4in discs are shoved up a large board to rest in colourful beds.
Garden Darts Throw the darts into the hoops to win

Tiddly Winks Dominoes
Tiddly Winks Traditional game updated by including a target around the bowl. Dominoes Giant Dominoes

Snakes and Ladders Pick up Sticks
Giant Snakes and Ladders The counters on this 8ft square board are human large and small all children at heart.
Climb the ladders and slide down the snakes.
Pick up Sticks Lift the metre long wands (sticks) in turn without disturbing your opponents.

Croquet Giant Croquet
Traditional Croquet The quintessential lawn game Giant Croquet Can be played indoors or outdoors. Giant feet are used instead of mallets.

Target Golf Twister
Target Golf One hole golf game Twister

Petanque / Boules Quoites
petanque Traditional French game.
Throw the Boules in turn at the Jack, the closest at the end wins the frame.

Molky Kubb
Molky Molky is a traditional Finnish skittles game. Kubb Also known as the 'Kings Game', played in Sweden for at least a century

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