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Traditional Games
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We can supply an large range of Traditional Games, some Classics, some Modern

Air Hockey Pool Table
Air Hockey Fast and furious action will be found at the Air Hockey Table Pool Table Traditional 6' x 4' slate bed table

Bar Billiards Basketball Simulator
Bar Billiards Introduced from Belgium in the 1930's it was found in most southern pubs up to the 1980's basketball Simulator Throw the ball into the basket to score. Electronic scorer high score is displayed.

Light Chaser Hand Steady
Light Chaser Chase the light for one minute to test your reactions. Score and time remaining are displayed Hand Steady Can you get to the end without setting of the alarm ?

Table Tennis Table Football
Table Tennis Two or four players Table Football Re-live your youth with this ever popular game

Darts (Traditional) Darts (Electronic)
Traditional Darts Standard dart board on a free standing easel, large backboard and apron protects the wall behind. Light and darts provided Electronic Darts The touch sensitive board calculates your scores. The nylon tipped darts a far safer than traditional ones

Horse Shoes Frog in a Clog
Horse Shoes Real horse shoes and a pin on the bulls eye of the target bring this traditional game up to date Frog in a Clog Throw the Frog (wooden disc) into a clog to score

Hooded Skittles Bar Skittles
Hooded Skittles Traditional Northamptonshire game. Bowl the chesses (wooden discs) underarm at small skittles on a table. It is called hooded because of the net over the back of the table Bar Skittles Sometimes known as 'Devil among the Taylors'. It has a wooden ball tethered by a chain to a pole. Which is swung clockwise around the pole to plough into the skittles as it returns to the player.

Aunt Sally Carrom
Aunt Sally This is a hugely popular Oxfordshire game.
Throw battens to knock a doll cleanly off a pillar.
Carrom This is a cross between Shuffleboard and Billiards and originates in the Far East.
Slide the Queen disc to knock the Black and White discs into the pockets of your opponent. Can be played by 2 or 4 players.

Shove Ha'penny Shuffleboard
Shove ha'penny Pub game dating back to Henry VIII.
Half penny's or similar sized coins are shoved up the board by a blow from the palm of the hand. To score it must stop between the lines (bed).
Schulabord This game existed in England 500 years ago. It is an exciting Dutch variant of Shove Ha'penny.
Slide the discs down the board and get them into the channels.

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